Flush Casement Windows

Let’s get the jargon out of the way. A casement is simply a window held on hinges in a frame. In the UK where external shutters are rare, the vast majority of casements open outwards. Within casements, there are various styles. A flush casement is simply one where the opening window sits flush in its frame, rather than standing proud.

It’s a design that is elegant in its simplicity and is found in all sorts of traditional properties, from all periods. What’s more, the lines are understated which makes them ideal for more contemporary properties which rely on minimalist styling. Quintessential Flush Casements replicate the timber original’s appearance to perfection but go well beyond in terms of thermal performance and weathering capability. Now it’s possible to have the look you want and the comfort you need. Now it’s possible to combine charm and security, character and ease of maintenance. It’s old style with new standards.

Lines And Proportions

We’ve thought of it all: the right-sized frame with the right-sized window, and transoms, mullions and dummy sashes that create the authentic appearance and lines of a traditional flush casement. The shape is chamfered on the outside to shed the rain, and there’s a choice of a chamfered or sculptured shape for indoors.

Shades And Textures

Colours and wood finishes have been carefully selected to complement different building materials, periods and environments. There are soft, subtle shades: delicate creams and greens, striking greys and a host of timber effects. Choose a particular colour and we’ll match it or pick a different finish for indoors and out.

Handles And Stays

We couldn’t let our hardware let us down! The traditional appearance was a must, so even though our Flush Casements have their own friction hinges, we’ve got dummy peg stays and gorgeous, monkey-tail handles all finished the way you’d expect, with period colours and a craftsman’s attention to detail.

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